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Handy Sampler

Product Code : APM 831


The increasing impacts of pollutants and hazards to the health and industrial workers has resulted in effect on accurate, reliable and frequent assessment of work space pollution and worker-exposure. The data generation needed for corrective measures to safe the workers as per Factory act 1948 and amendment in 1986-87. Lata Envirotech Handy Sampler APM 831 used best light weight pump battery operated to suck air through 25 mm dia filter and through suitable absorption solution contained in Impingers (2Nos) fitted. Thus besides particulates any two gaseous pollutants can be monitored simultaneously. Rechargeable battery has been used with sufficient storage of power to operate the sampler for 8 hours. A charger is also provided with APM 831 to recharge the battery. The APM 831 system uses a small battery operated pump to draw air thorough a suitable absorption solution contained in an impinger. If necessary, 2 impingers can be used in series to monitor 2 gaseous pollutants. There is an additional provision to determine suspended particulates in the same exercise by using the open sampling head designed for 25mm diameter filters or membranes. The same hardware can be used to sample a variety of pollutants including oxides of sulphur and nitrogen, halogens, ammonia, sulphides, etc. The particulate sampling head provided with the system is useful for monitoring particulates like silica, cement dust, metal fumes and asbestos fibers in work areas of cement plants, foundries, etc. To ensure complete absorption and reduce loss of absorbing solutions by evaporation, the impinger tubes of the APM 831 are kept in an insulated ice tray.


  • Battery operated pump runs for a full shift of 8 hrs.
  • Specifications

    Suction Pump: Diaphragm Pump.